LoveÉcru Commitment to Delivering  Products Safely

LoveÉcru Commitment to Delivering Products Safely

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LoveÉcru Commitment to Delivering  Products Safely 


If you want to set your table in style for the perfect dinner, porcelain is the way to go. Porcelain  is known for its soft touch and beauty and is excellent for dining and display. When shopping for  porcelain tableware, LoveÉcru is where you want to look. 

LoveÉcru is home to some of the finest porcelain dinnerware pieces and bundles shipped  directly from Japan. No wonder it is home to some of the most valuable ceramic dinnerware you can find today.

LoveÉcru’s Assorted Ceramic Pieces 

rinka collection

LoveÉcru’s porcelain and ceramic pieces are carefully handcrafted, packaged, and shipped  directly from Japan. Our products are exquisite and will add a touch of elegance to your dining,  your lunch, and even your morning tea; we have a product for them all!

You can scroll through the LoveÉcru exotic tableware catalog for the perfect pieces to adorn  your dining table. Our products are crafted using multigenerational techniques to give them the  authentic Japanese rustic ceramic touch and are the perfect fit for all settings. 

Our Secure Delivery Services 

Our handcrafted ceramic pieces are delicate and meticulous; we deliver to clients all over the  world! Our pieces are carefully packaged, so all your pieces are delivered securely and safely.  We package all our items using traditional Japanese packaging for that authentic Japanese  experience that doesn't compromise the protection your package receives as it moves to its  destination. 

Traditional Japanese packaging is detail-oriented as it encompasses presentation, quality, and  customer satisfaction. Using objects made from natural materials such as bamboo, paper, rice  straw, hemp twine, and leaves, traditional Japanese packaging is an art that applies  sophisticated design and natural aesthetics with utmost care for the product inside. 

99.7% of our packages reach their destination securely, and we experience an extremely low  ratio of 0.3% breakage. Our products that don't make it through without breakage are 100%  compensated for because we aim to deliver to you unique pieces that stand the test of time and  distance.

Shop from Our Exclusive Bundles! 

Get more value at a discounted price. Check out our exclusive bundles now  available for purchase  on the website.

Take a look at some of our more popular bundles that elevate and inspire.

Rinka Bundle 1 


Handcrafted from Japan, these pieces from the Rinka collection will be a great addition to your dinnerware. You can also use them for ceramic décor. 

Our Rinka bundle hosts some of the must haves from our collection. Its flower-shaped pattern is a true piece of beauty, pretty to look at and exquisite to dine in.  

The entire bundle comes with 9 handcrafted items, including our Rinka Plate in 3 variations, Rinka bowls, and our white Rinka ceramic soup cup and plate set, a perfect addition to your dinnerware! 

Rinka Bundle 2 


Our next set of beauty is another bundle featuring pieces from our exquisite Rinka Collection. From ceramic décor to dining, this classic flower-shaped porcelain tableware is perfect for all occasions. 

The set includes some of our most popular Rinka products, including the Rinka mug and saucer set, 2 beautiful Rinka bowls, and 3 Rinka plates of varying sizes.  

The bundle also includes 3 complimentary gifts, including a handwoven tea filter, LoveEcru canvas bag, and a lovely delicate porcelain bowl, excellent for adding your dips and sauces at lunch or dinnertime.

Rinka Bundle 3 


Another popular bundle also hosts delicate pieces from the Rinka collection; this includes some  of our most popular products, including the Rinka mug and saucer set, Rinka bowl, and Rinka  plate crafted incorporating the same flower blossoming pattern. 

Finished off with the perfect porcelain glaze, this 5 piece bundle comes with our 10 cm Rinka  bowl FREE of charge, perfect for adding your dips and sauces when lining up treats at the lunch  table.

Rinka Bundle 4 


Our final Rinka collection is inclusive of  one more beautiful bundle.  

This 6 piece bundle incorporates our  Rinka ceramic soup cup, a true delight to  the eyes. It also comes with our Rinka plate and  bowls and a complementary handwoven  tea filter to wrap it all together. 

Yoshida Bundle 


This stunning Yoshida bundle is based on the gorgeous Pottery Collection by world-renowned  ceramist Masakazu Yoshida.

This collection pays homage to nature with its earthy blend of  different designs that offers a refreshing and elegant touch to your table setting. 

The set includes an exquisite Yoshida plate, a lovely Ume bowl, one elegant Tall plate, the  unique Shinogi cup and saucer set, and a Yukiwa plate.

The set is perfect for everything - from  jewelry to sauces to fruits and more. This hard to miss exotic tableware set comes with a  gorgeous white porcelain vase and canvas bag.

So if you are looking for stylishly elegant porcelain teacups, ceramic mugs, porcelain plates or ceramic plates for your dining table or for gifting; LoveÉcru handmade ceramic tableware is the  finest porcelain tableware you can get your hands on. And with current sale on, it is the best  time to buy your favorite pieces before it’s too late.

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