Kaneko Kohyo's Timeless Rinka Collection and Pottery Making

Kaneko Kohyo's Timeless Rinka Collection and Pottery Making

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Rinka Cup loveecru kaneko kohyo

Porcelain tableware pieces are exquisite and add a touch of elegance to your dining and décor affair. No wonder Rinka classic tableware collection is a hot seller across the globe. 

But where does all this magic happen? 

The Answer Is, Kaneko Kohyo Pottery Kiln In Japan. 

“Founded in the 10th year of the Taisho era”, Kaneko Kohyo Pottery has one of the oldest operating kilns in Toki City, Japan. 

The entire Gifu prefecture region is known for having created timeless pottery since ancient times, and Kaneko Koyho embodies that better than anyone. Their pottery is a unique blend of traditional Japanese ceramics in modem times. 

Mino Ware and the Kaneko Kohyo Philosophy 

The Kaneko Kohyo philosophy lies in creating ceramics that deliver “small” happiness into life; their delicate handcrafted pottery is ideal for adorning your dining tables, kitchens, and your lifestyle with authentic ceramic décor.

They have been operative in the Toki City for over 100 years, continuing to accurately converse inherited tradition into their present-day pottery. 

They specialize in crafting "mino ware” - the epitome of Japanese ceramics - a traditional form of Japanese ceramics from the Toki City. 

Mino ware is a large part of Japanese pottery that has progressed from the adoption of glazed pottery to its wide use in tea ceremonies over the course of 1300 years. 

Rinka loveecru kaneko kohyo

Rinka Ceramic Dinnerware 

One of the most famous collections is their "Rinka” ceramic tableware collection, which embodies a modern design that carries the same traditional core of their mino ware. 

Kaneko Koyho describes Rinka as a "large petal in a calm Japanese atmosphere," a rather fitting analogy for its delicate flower petal shape. 

Its unique earthenware feel and rustic impression make it a great piece for your dining tables; it also serves quite well as a decorative piece for your kitchen or any room you see fit. 

The Rinka Product line

Each product's actual color and texture may vary depending on the soil and the glaze used, but the products are categorized into four types. 

The Rinka porcelain dinnerware line falls into a range of colors, including Kohyo White, Kohyo Peach/Pink, Kohyo Black, and Kohyo Light Blue, each with its distinct look, hue, and atmosphere. 

Rinka cup loveecru kaneko kohyo

How are the World-Famous Rinka Pieces Crafted? 

Ceramic pieces are typically crafted in 3 steps. Here is how the legendary Rinka porcelain tableware is crafted at Kaneko Kohyo pottery kiln. 


Ceramic mold casting or ceramic molding gives the pottery its required shape with clear-cut curves and edges. The molder at the kiln makes the prototypes using soil, and each piece is hand-poured, so its desired shape is obtained. 

The Rinka pieces are crafted with thicker edges instead of thinner edges for a unique build that is durable and accentuates any space, be it your dinner table or cafe.

Rinka cup loveecru kaneko kohyo


Kaneko Kohyo’s kiln is used for baking ceramic pieces. It takes roughly 20-22 hours to bake, and the temperatures can go from 1200 to 1300°C. 

The pieces are unglazed and placed on wood very carefully before they are carried to the kiln to avoid collision and damage of any sort.

Rinka plate loveecru kaneko kohyo


The final step is glazing. A glaze is applied to the surface of ceramic ware for a more refined finish. The ceramic glaze is made to give the pieces the "warmth of earthenware." 

Before glazing, the surface of the pieces is brushed to clear any inconsistency and smoothen out the surfaces; this is preliminary for the glazing process. Next, the expert craftsmen carefully draw a line on each piece on the edges to give it an authentic rustic look. 

Finally, the glaze is applied swiftly by dipping the vessel into the glaze using a special pair of scissors and taking it out, so just the right amount is deposited on its surface. 

Kaneko Kohyo Pottery - The Unique Blend of Past and Present 

The Kaneko Kohyo philosophy carries well into their legacy of bringing life to the Mino ware traditional pottery through their ceramic pieces. 

Their products are a unique blend of past and present; traditions of the past are held with their unique, authentic value. 

The current president of Kaneko Kohyo, Katsunori Ito, is the descendant of the founder Kohyo Ito.

Rinka loveecru kaneko kohyo

They are the third generation that has kept this business alive and continued creating timeless pieces that beautify and adorn our living spaces. 

Awards and Certifications 

Kaneko Kohyo’s efforts to promote the values and heritage of traditional Mino ware have helped them build a reputable position in the industry. 

They have been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry that placed Kaneko Kohyo in 300 small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses that do their best. 

The Kaneko Pottery group has also been commissioned by the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation to support small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Where to Buy Rinka Pottery From? 

Are you looking for some timeless handmade ceramic crafts for your dining table or décor purposes? 

If yes, scroll through the renowned Rinka collection at LoveÉcru, home the finest porcelain dinnerware pieces and bundles shipped directly from Japan.

Rinka plate loveecru kaneko kohyo

Its porcelain teacups, ceramic soup cup, porcelain plates, ceramic mugs, or ceramic plates for your dining table, décor, or gifting purpose; LoveÉcru porcelain tableware is the finest and most delicate handmade ceramic tableware you can get your hands on.

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