About LoveÉcru

LoveÉcru is an online concept store offering an assortment of handcrafted ceramic objects from Japan, selected by Peggy Chung. Also known as @peggy_loves, Peggy is a Taiwanese content creator and Instagram influencer who shares her passion for fashion and lifestyle.

"Many of us aspired to elevate the quality of life with aesthetical home decor as we spend more time at home"

With this in mind, Peggy took on the path of sourcing quality and highly decorative Japanese artisanal products. In April 2020, she founded LoveÉcru.

"Écru", in French, means "unbleached, raw", and it also represents originality, imperfection, and possibility. This echoes our mission to bring esthetical pieces of crude refinement that are meant for different scenes in life.

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Our Commitment

At LoveÉcru, we believe that true quality and beauty stand the test of time. We insist on bringing you exquisite handmade ceramics with versatile functions for daily use.

Our Japanese ceramics collections inherit their craftsmen’s spirit, showcasing a dedication to meticulousness and persistence. Each artful piece is made with loving focus and care and comes in a unique shape and glazes that give a delightful touch in every aspect of your life:

  • A refreshing bowl of breakfast
  • A soothing cup of coffee
  • A low-gloss scented candle by the bed, showering your tiresome day

Anywhere you are, you deserve the beauty that lies within.

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