Rinka Bundle 2

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  • Elegant Design Fusion: The Rinka Bundle 2 combines timeless Japanese craftsmanship with modern Western aesthetics, featuring pieces that are each uniquely handcrafted by the acclaimed Japanese designer, Kaneko Kohyo.
  • Artistic Flourishes: Each item boasts subtle round edges shaped like flower petals, offering an exquisite design that stands out whether stacked into a multi-layered set or displayed separately as charming adornments on your breakfast table, nightstand, or vanity.
  • Comprehensive Dining Ensemble: This 11-piece set includes a diverse range of tableware essentials, perfect for any serving occasion:
    • Soup Cup: Ideal for enjoying warm broths or small servings of hearty dishes.
    • Rinka Mug: Perfect for your morning coffee or evening tea.
    • Plates in Various Sizes: 24cm, 21cm, 17cm, and 14cm, catering to all meal types from appetizers to main courses.
    • Bowls for Every Need: Includes a 16cm and 12cm Rinka Bowl, along with a versatile 10cm Bowl.
  • Luxury Cutlery and Accessories: Accompanied by a matte gold cutlery set that adds a touch of sophistication to your dining experience, and the iconic LoveÉcru canvas bag for stylish functionality.
  • Global Delivery: Free worldwide shipping ensures that you can bring this blend of Japanese elegance and Western modernity to your table no matter where you are.

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