Marumitsu Charme Cup With Saucer

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Enjoy the distinctive beauty of the "Charmé"  teacup. It is decorated with elegant frill motifs that are both enchanting and comfortable to drink from. The draping decoration on the cup mimics a dress fluttering in a gentle wind, complemented with flattering hourglass figure accentuated by an elegant handle.The porcelain "Charmé" cup and saucer is such a lovely item to savor the aroma of tea. With three colors to choose from – white, lavender and pink – you can find the perfect cup to match your décor.


    Cup: W122×D100×H81mm
    Capacity 210cc
    Saucer: φ155×H23






    Individual differences in color may occur due to the degree of firing and nature of the glaze properties. The effect of color irregularities and baked nuances varies from item to item.

    All the plates and bowls are handmade, the shape, size and color of each product are slightly different. In addition, small black spots, pinholes or similar cracks in the product itself are normal. This is a characteristic of pottery, not a defective product.