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Rinka Bundle 4

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Dine with a dining set that defines luxury. 

These pieces showcase the stunning blend of the rich Japanese and Western cultures masterfully handcrafted and finished by renowned Japanese designer Kaneko Kohyo.

Inspired by nature, the blossoming design is represented by the white subtle flower petal-shaped edges fanning out to highlight the dishes served in it.

The set is made up of exquisite Rinka pieces stunning enough to also serve as home decor to give any tabletop, nightstand, or dresser a touch of class.

The set includes an adorable 10 cm bowl, 12 cm bowl,  21 cm plate, and a soup cup set that’s perfect for enjoying soups and oatmeals. 

It also includes a handwoven filter, and the iconic LoveÉcru canvas bag.

This bundle Includes these most popular products:



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Rinka Collection by Kaneko Kohyo 


14cm Plate - Jewelry, Small cup/Rinka mug, candle tray 

17cm Plate - Small dessert, Medium/large coffee cup

21cm Plate - Toast, Pancakes

24cm Plate - Main dish


10cm Bowl - Jewelry, Sauce/dip

12cm Bowl - Blueberries, Soy sauce, Guacamole

16cm bowl - Cereals, Chips, Snacks

21cm bowl - Main dish, Pasta, Salad

24cm Bowl - Main dish, Soup, Sauce based dishes, Fruit bowl

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