Marumitsu Blossom Bowl


You will never see such a divinely perfect piece to vessel your meals in than the Marumitsu Blossom bowl.

With its intricate Chrysanthemum design combined with the perfectly hollowed center, the Marumitsu Blossom Bowl instantly transforms tossed salads or simmered meals into a stunning, one-of-a-kind delicacy that’s not just pleasing to the tastebuds, but to the eyes as well.

This piece will delightfully add a stunning touch of beauty and warmth to your homes that will make instantly take your meals to the next level.


Medium - D: 183 / H: φ53 cm / Vol: 600 cc

Small - D: 135/ H: φ45 cm / Vol: 240cc

    Country of origin: Japan
    Material: White Clay Pottery with a White Glaze, Oxidation Fired
    Handwash recommended
    No direct fire or oven
    Handmade - the glaze colors & texture might vary slightly. 



    Individual differences in color may occur due to the degree of firing and nature of the glaze properties. The effect of color irregularities and baked nuances varies from item to item.

    In addition, small black spots, pinholes or similar cracks in the product itself are normal. This is a characteristic of pottery, not a defective product.

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