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Mumu/clown table


Discover a world of fascination with the Clown Table. Inspired by building blocks, its playful design adds simplicity and fun to any space. Available in three sizes to match different settings, use it anywhere your imagination takes you. Elevate your lifestyle with this versatile table and embrace a captivating and interesting life.


Short 70cm (diameter) * 44cm (height)

Medium 60cm(diameter)*54cm(height)

High 50cm (diameter) * 66cm (height)

    Expected delivery time 5-6 weeks.
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    Rinka Collection by Kaneko Kohyo 


    14cm Plate - Jewelry, Small cup/Rinka mug, candle tray 

    17cm Plate - Small dessert, Medium/large coffee cup

    21cm Plate - Toast, Pancakes

    24cm Plate - Main dish


    10cm Bowl - Jewelry, Sauce/dip

    12cm Bowl - Blueberries, Soy sauce, Guacamole

    16cm bowl - Cereals, Chips, Snacks

    21cm bowl - Main dish, Pasta, Salad

    24cm Bowl - Main dish, Soup, Sauce based dishes, Fruit bowl

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