Kaneko Kohyo

Rila Tea Cup


Small and round form.
Mino ware cute items from the famous ceramics factory Kaneko Kohyo.

It's a cup for tea, but it's also a cute small bowl for serving single dishes, and a pudding, jelly, yogurt, fruit, or other dessert cups.

It's a small size that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, but it's also the perfect size when you just want to eat a little or add spices and sauces.

Size diameter 6.5cm width 7cm height 16.4cm  
capacity 120cc
weight about 110g

Material: porcelain
Microwave: OK
dishwasher: OK
direct-fired oven: NO
Manufacturer: Kaneko Kohyo 
Origin: Toki City, Gifu Prefecture Japan

Color: White

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