Shinogi Cup And Saucer Set

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A part of the Yoshida Pottery Collection by world-renowned ceramist Masakazu Yoshida, the Shinogi Cup and Saucer set was created with sincere appreciation to nature that offers a refreshing delight to the eyes and adds an elegant touch to your table setting.

Each creation is infused with nature-inspired patterns to offer not only a stunning piece but also to create a connection to nature in every setting you use it in. 

  • Dimension
    • Cup: 89mm h x 85mm | 240g | 320ml cc
    • Saucer: 34mm h x 135mm | 175g
  • Made to order
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Material: porcelain
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Handwash recommended
  • No direct fire or oven 
  • Handmade - the glaze colors & texture might vary slightly. 

Delivery time: 2-5 weeks due to very high demand and small handmade production.

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