Ceramic Three-Legged Fruit & Snack Plate

Color: Creme

Elevate your dining experience with our Aesthetic Three-Legged Fruit & Snack Plate. This beautifully designed plate is both functional and visually captivating

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Dimensions -

25.5cm (length) x 16.5cm (width) x 8.5cm (height)

10 inches (length) x 6.5 inches (width) x 3.35 inches (height)

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Rinka Collection by Kaneko Kohyo 


14cm Plate - Jewelry, Small cup/Rinka mug, candle tray 

17cm Plate - Small dessert, Medium/large coffee cup

21cm Plate - Toast, Pancakes

24cm Plate - Main dish


10cm Bowl - Jewelry, Sauce/dip

12cm Bowl - Blueberries, Soy sauce, Guacamole

16cm bowl - Cereals, Chips, Snacks

21cm bowl - Main dish, Pasta, Salad

24cm Bowl - Main dish, Soup, Sauce based dishes, Fruit bowl

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