Meribel Stool

$420.00 Oferta Ahorre

Meribel is Named after Charlotte Perriand's holiday home in Maybelle, France. The architectural style of the Alps inspires its design. The use of solid wood communicates a pleasant sense of softness, and its beauty will bring you into an architectural site feels.

  • Product material: imported teak wood
  • Process Description:  manual polishing + damaged and old + high temperature charcoal burning
  • Sizes: 
    Round Leg Short: 280MM*height 270MM 
    Round Leg High: 280MM*height 380MM
    Round Leg Straight: 300MM*height 430MM
    Round Leg Twisted: 300MM*height 430MM
  • Natural scratch texture
  • We provide three wood color:
    Wood Color-warm to the touch. Presents a natural beauty
    Old Wood Color-hand damaged and old. Natural Scratch texture
    Charcoal Black-high temperature charcoal burning process. Three dimensional wood texture
Expected delivery time 3-4 weeks.