Unjour Nuit Cup (Cup S)


Unjour Series by Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain

The "Unjour" series, meaning "one day" in French, offers different sizes for various moments of the day, allowing you to envision scenes from your day:

  • Matin (Morning): Large cup and one plate
  • Après Midi (Afternoon): Tea and cake
  • Nuit (Late at night): Coffee and chocolate

The size of each piece is largest in the morning and smallest at night, following the concept of 'eat a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner.' This sizing variation enables you to imagine different usage scenarios for each moment.

Late-night cups feature the smallest capacity, inspired by the serene act of enjoying a cup of coffee late at night. The handle and cup body are meticulously balanced, making it the hallmark series of Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain.

Unjour Nuit Cup (Cup S)

The Unjour Nuit Cup (Cup S) by Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain offers you an image of taking a breather with coffee late at night. A cup for enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee at the end of the day. 

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: H 65mm x W 105 x D 80mm (220ml/full)
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Material: porcelain
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe; handwash recommended
  • Not suitable for direct fire or oven use
  • Handmade, so glaze colors and texture may vary slightly

Please note:

  • Due to the nature of pottery, slight differences in color, size, and weight may occur.
  • Each item is handcrafted, so the pattern may differ slightly from the image.
  • Returns or exchanges due to differences in appearance or color are not accepted.
  • Inevitable production scratches may be present.
  • Average shipping time is 5-7 days.

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