Rinka Bundle 1

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Set the table in full bloom. 

This elegant bundle combines nine of our best-selling designs to spread whimsy and joy throughout your entire home. 

The Rinka collection blends timeless Japanese tradition with must-have Western trends. Every piece is handcrafted and beautifully finished by Japanese designer Kaneko Kohyo, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

White porcelain fans out with rounded edges to create subtle flower petals. These blossoming designs nestle together and stack to create a multi-layered set. Or you can display the floral pottery separately on your breakfast table, nightstand, and vanity.

The set includes four plates, two bowls, and a broad cup that is perfect for matcha or oatmeal. Plus, you’ll also receive a matte gold cutlery set and the iconic LoveÉcru canvas bag for free.



  1. Rinka plates (15cm, 17cm, 21cm, and 24cm)
  2. Rinka bowls (12cm and 16cm)
  3. Rinka soup cup (10cm)
  4. 4-piece dipped gold cutlery set
  5. Branded canvas shopping bag
  6. Free Worldwide Shipping via UPS


Rinka Plate 24cm - White

Rinka Plate 21cm - White

Rinka Plate 17cm - White

Rinka Bowl 16cm - White

Rinka Bowl 12cm - White 

Rinka Soup Cup & Plate Set - White and 15cm Plate

LoveÉcru Canvas Bag

Elegant cutlery