Time Limited Offer


  • Add to cart any 4 products + 1 x 14cm Plate (color randomly picked) on our website, and then the plate will become free.  (instructions below)
  • The discount is automatic, all you need to do is to have total of 5 product (4+1) in the cart, one of which is the 14cm plate and the plate will become free)

⭐️In case the automatic discount doesn't work, and you have at least 4 products in your card, just leave a note ''4+1" in the cart section and we will add the free 14cm plate after your purchase.

DISCOUT IS APLICABLE TO (4+1, 8+2, 12+3, 16+4)

  • In case you need any help or the code doesn't work please contact us here: CONTACT US HERE 


Rinka Plate by Kaneko Kohyo




  1. LoveEcru reserves the right to limit, terminate or change the terms of the offer at any time without giving any reason, with effect from the date of notification on the website www.loveecru.us, unless a later date is expressly stated.