Marumitsu Bean Spoon

Color: White

Its unique design of a semi-matte, rustic-textured glaze applied only at its bean-shaped tip not only makes the Marumitsu Bean Spoon worthy of its name but also makes it a must-have piece for every home.

The Marumitsu Bean Spoon is not for scooping beans. It derived its name from its delightful bean-shaped tip.

The white clay non-glaze finish gives that warm and rustic touch that will surely make any setting homely and inviting. Its delightful shape makes it instantly stand out from any table setting.

The Marumitsu Bean Spoon is especially used for desserts, coffee, and tea. Also perfect for scooping light condiments such as jam or sugar.

*** Avoid using it for scooping something hard such as ice cream as this may cause breakage. 


L: φ11.5 / W: φ28 mm


White  Pottery (Shino Soil) / White Matte Glaze / Reduction Fired
Camel Pottery (Shino Soil) / Tea Satsuma Glazed / Reduction Fired Fired
Indigo Pottery (Shino Soil) / Navy Blue Nogi glaze / Reduction Fired 

  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Handwash recommended
  • No direct fire or oven
  • Handmade - the glaze colors & texture might vary slightly. 


Individual differences in color may occur due to the degree of firing and nature of the glaze properties. The effect of color irregularities and baked nuances varies from item to item.

All the plates and bowls are handmade, the shape, size and color of each product are slightly different. In addition, small black spots, pinholes or similar cracks in the product itself are normal. This is a characteristic of pottery, not a defective product.

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